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September 2015 Archives

High School Confidential

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking to two law classes at Canterbury High School. I always like speaking to classes, seeing what kind of things they are curious about and what kind of questions they'll ask. In this instance, we got into some interesting issues. After a few questions about youth records and possession of marijuana (and a rather insightful question from a student in a wheelchair about whether he could be charged with impaired driving for operating his wheelchair) we got into some larger, ethical issues that face criminal lawyers every day. One student asked the following: 

Demystifying criminal law

The more I talk to friends and family about my work, the more I've realized that there is a big gap in terms of what the general public knows and understands about how our criminal courts work. While we see stories in the news about crime in our community, or the latest laws that are being passed, most Canadians still don't have a solid understanding of how our court system works. 

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