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Year: 2016

December Criminal Law Round-up

As the final hours of 2016 tick away, I am delighted to announce that blog received a 'Clawbie' Canadian Law Blog Award for Best Practitioner Blog. Thanks to everyone who read, shared and provided feedback over the last year. Looking...

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The Cost of Impaired Driving

We all know that impaired driving has a huge cost on our society, with the loss of lives, injuries and damage to property. But it also has a direct financial cost on those who are charged with the offence. Here is what you could expect to pay should you be charged or...

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November Criminal Law Round-up

While the U.S. election dominated headlines this month, there were plenty of important criminal law stories north of the border. News: As Trump supporters celebrated the outcome of the election, a judge in Hamilton broadcast his approval by wearing a 'Make America...

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October Criminal Law Round-up

Here are this month's headlines and cases from the world of criminal law: News: In big legal news, Newfoundlander Malcolm Rowe was nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada. He was sworn in this morning and put straight to work on Dennis Oland's bail pending appeal...

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The legality of sexting

The issue of sexting is becoming more frequent in news stories and in the courts. In Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, a case of 6 teenagers who are accused of sharing intimate images of girls in a Dropbox account is winding its way through the court system. The matter, which...

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September Criminal Law Round-up

Fall is finally in the air, and it has been a busy month in the world of criminal law. News: It hasn't been an easy month for judges, particularly in Alberta (see the Vader decision below...). Justice Robin Camp, a judge from Alberta who now sits on the Federal Court,...

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The Basics of Bail

We often hear about bail, but many clients (and their families) that I deal with are very unfamiliar with the process. The process in Canada is different from what we see on TV shows and in the news from the United States. While I've written about bail before (here...

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August Criminal Law Round-up

While the courts are typically quieter during the summer months, there was no shortage of interesting criminal law news in the month of August:News:Canada announced changes to its medical marijuana legislation, passing the Access to Canabis for a Medical Purpose...

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