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Month: January 2016

Criminal law round-up

In what I'm hoping will be a monthly feature, here is a round-up of some of the last month's news, cases and goings-on in criminal law in Ottawa and beyond.  In the news:The Correctional Investigator of Canada Howard Sapers released a report stating that over 25%...

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Let’s talk about mental health and bail

Today is Bell's Let's Talk Day, designed to raise awareness about mental health. As my twitter feed was taken over by the hashtag, I thought about the difficulties that the criminal justice system has in dealing with issues of mental health. Still, there are many...

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Can I get a witness?

For a lawyer, coming to court on a trial date is kind of like an athlete coming to the field on game day. Think of NBA players walking down a hallway, their earbuds in, focusing on the game ahead. While my pre-game rituals might also include driving to court in snowy...

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