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Month: May 2016

A step-by-step guide to a criminal case

Despite seeing news relating to criminal law on a daily basis, most people who have never been charged have no idea how the court system works. The whole process can be overwhelming, but it helps to know what steps are involved. I find myself routinely sketching out...

May Criminal Law Round-up

This month saw a big variety of interesting cases on the criminal law front, from policing to jails to sentencing. News: After news stories of the severe impact of solitary confinement continued to capture public attention, Ontario's ombudsman called for an end to...

5 ways The Good Wife is exactly like real life*

* By exactly, I mean not at all.After seven seasons of legal drama and excellent clothes, The Good Wife just ended its run on Sunday. Legal shows take on a different meaning to practising lawyers, with inaccuracies that can be either amusing or grating. Here are my...

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