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Monthly Round-up

September 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

This September, 90 days after it received Royal Assent, a number of the amendments contained in Bill C-75 come into force. These new provisions will change procedures in the Criminal Code, ranging from preliminary inquiries, juries, intimate partner violence and the...

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July/August Criminal Law Round-up

Well, the end of summer is upon us. As kids go back to school and holidays come to a close, it's time to dive into some notable cases from the past two months: In R v. Dudhi, the Ontario Court of Appeal dealt with the issue of racial profiling in the context of a...

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April 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

News:Doug Ford's government introduced its budget this month, which included a 33% cut to Legal Aid's budget. This move, meant to 'streamline' the delivery of legal services to low-income Ontarians, has been harshly criticized by lawyers, who know that it will have...

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March 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

News:The Office of the Independent Review of Police released a report this month that concluded that Ontario's police conduct too many unjustified strip searches, with police procedures and collection of data varying across the province. The report provides 50...

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January 2019 Criminal Law Round-up

The sentencing hearing began this month for the case involving the fatal bus crash of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. The court has heard many victim impact statements from the families of the deceased, which has raised the question of what role victim impact...

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August 2018 Criminal Law Round-up

As summer draws to a close, there is plenty of news and cases to catch up on in the world of criminal law: News: Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that he would allocate $25 million to fighting gun violence in Toronto. A portion of the money will be earmarked for...

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June 2018 Criminal Law Round-up

News:A report was released this month, authored by Justice Toscano Rocamo of the Superior Court in Ottawa, outlining who makes up juries in Ottawa. The result, unsurprisingly, is that juries are overwhelmingly white and earning high incomes. Ottawa defence lawyer...

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May 2018 Criminal Law Round-up

News:This month, the Senate voted to remove random alcohol screening from the new impaired driving bill. The proposed bill would allow police officers to stop motorists for the sole purpose of performing a breath test for the presence of alcohol, regardless of whether...

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April 2018 Criminal Law Round-up

News: The city of Toronto was shaken this month after a van mowed down pedestrians on Yonge St, killing 10 people. The suspect was apprehended without incident, and Cst. Ken Lam is being praised for his cool-headed response in de-escalating the situation and effecting...

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March 2018 Criminal Law Round-up

News: The biggest news of the month came right at the end: an announcement from federal justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould of Bill C-75, an omnibus crime bill that proposes sweeping changes to the criminal justice system. Beyond the elimination of preliminary...

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