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Experienced Domestic Assault Lawyer In Ottawa

A domestic assault charge may be imposed when there are threats and/or an assault against a spouse/partner and/or children. At McElroy Law, we have experience in handling such serious charges which may have wide implications on the life of the individual charged and his/her family. Some of the consequences include jail time, denied contact with spouse or partner and denied access to children. We work hard in preparing the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Once charged with a domestic assault, we can help you get released on bail. We further work with the Crown and family lawyers, if needed, to attain variations on the bail order, allowing access to your children and contact with your spouse. Many factors will determine how the negotiations move forward, depending on your past record and behaviour.

Our approach to domestic assault cases is to keep you out of jail and help you move on with your life. We can help you gain access to community resources to overcome any anger management or substance abuse issues, while tailoring advice based on your needs and goals.

We offer our clients a voice and the right to be heard in the criminal justice system. Sometimes individuals get charged inaccurately for an incident. We provide an opportunity to have the facts assessed accurately.

McElroy Law also handles other matters of assault such as assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon and aggravated sexual assault. We provide a friendly service to the communities of Ottawa, Pembroke, Perth, Renfrew, Cornwall, L’Orignal, Smith Falls, Brockville and Kemptville in Ontario.

Fight Your Domestic Assault Charges

To further discuss your criminal assault charges, schedule an appointment with us by either emailing us via our online contact form or calling us at 613-702-3328. We approach domestic assault cases with care and diligence.