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The criminal justice system may seem overwhelming for some but we can help you navigate the system.

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Offering The Best Possible Plan For Your Bail

Bail can be a vitally important step of the criminal justice process. When someone is released on bail, as opposed to staying in jail awaiting trial, they can often access family support, community resources, employment opportunities and many other things more easily.

At McElroy Law, we fight hard to have our clients released on bail. Whether it is by negotiating a consent release with the Crown, or fighting at a contested bail hearing, we work to make sure that you have the best possible plan for release that will satisfy the court that you are safe to be in the community.

We can connect you to bail supervision programs, addiction services, counselling and other resources to help you while awaiting trial. We also will spend time preparing sureties to testify in court to make sure that they understand the obligations of being a surety and can convey this to the court. (To learn more about bail, see the blog post on bail, in resources section.)

Contact An Approachable Defence Lawyer For Your Bail Hearing

At McElory Law, we offer our clients a detailed plan when preparing for their bail. Bail is the first step towards your freedom and we take it seriously. Call us at 613-702-3328 or complete the online form provided to discuss further.