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Experienced Defence Against Drug Offences

Ottawa’s Knowledgeable Drug Offences Lawyer

McElroy Law offers experienced legal advice in all drug-related charges. When charged with a minor offence of possession or a serious charge of trafficking or production, we are prepared to handle your case with competence. Drug charges are serious and a conviction could have life-changing consequences. As your criminal lawyer, we can provide you with options that can help in your defence.

Our preparation is extensive; as we help you understand the charges against you, we also explore every possible criminal defence, we negotiate with the Crown on your behalf and we may challenge the evidence and/or bring Charter applications where applicable. We are well-versed with the Charter protections and we are comfortable in bringing a Charter application on your behalf.

As your knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer, we are up-to-date on the evolution of the regulation around marijuana. The government of Canada has recommended legalizing, strictly regulating and restricting access to marijuana. We understand that the changes in the mandatory minimum sentencing can work in favour of our clients. It is important for us that our research remains current so that we can argue your case effectively with the new rules.

Protection Against Drug-Related Charges

Drug charges vary on grounds of possession, importing, trafficking and production. We have effectively handled matters relating to drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy, ketamine and heroin. If you are charged with any one or more of the following, upon conviction a prison sentence may be enforced, including for:

  • Possession of marijuana – charges vary by the quantity in possession
  • Possession of cocaine or heroin
  • Possession of LSD or amphetamines
  • Trafficking possession for the purpose of trafficking marijuana
  • Trafficking possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine or heroin
  • Trafficking possession for the purpose of trafficking LSD or amphetamines
  • Importing or exporting LSD or amphetamines
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Production of LSD or amphetamines

Serious drug charges with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, upon conviction, are:

  • Importing or exporting marijuana
  • Importing or exporting heroin or cocaine
  • Production of cocaine or heroin

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