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Knowledgeable Impaired Driving Defence

In Your Best Interest To Fight An Impaired Driving Charge In Ottawa

Before you plead guilty to an impaired driving charge, consider the consequences. An impaired driving charge could have huge implications on your personal and professional life. Pleading guilty to an impaired driving charge may have a long-term impact on your insurance, add a financial burden such as fines and possible jail time. As your defence lawyer, we are quick at assessing your file and providing you with an in-depth analysis of your case. We have the legal knowledge and the skills to advise you based on your priorities. We serve the community of Ottawa in Ontario and surrounding area.

Impaired Driving Charge: Consequences Upon Conviction

At McElroy Law, our legal advice is tailored to your circumstances. Whether you want to plead guilty or not to the charges should be based on your need to get back on the road. A conviction will result in an automatic driving prohibition, but we can work to reduce it with the interlock ignition program. Under the current rules, upon conviction a mandatory education and treatment program has been enforced. For first-time offenders, fines are $1,000. For second-time offenders, minimum jail time has increased to 30 days and to 120 days for third-time offenders. As the laws around impaired driving are changing rapidly, we keep ourselves informed of the legislation. We are prepared to deal with your impaired driving case, be it your first or third driving offence. We can provide you with options, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Laws around impaired driving are technical and tricky, so you want an experienced lawyer by your side defending you. We can guide you every step on the way.

Impaired Driving Questions

When you contact our Ottawa office you should know we are prepared to handle all your impaired driving inquiries. You can reach us by calling 613-702-3328 or email us by completing the online contact form provided.