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The criminal justice system may seem overwhelming for some but we can help you navigate the system.

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Helping With Your Theft And Fraud Charges

Charges of theft are very common, and often those charge have never been involved with the law before. A charge of theft can result in being banned from a location under the Trespass to Property Act, and can result in a criminal record.

How McElroy Law Can Help You

McElroy Law has experience in handling these cases and exploring the best outcome for your matter. In many cases, it is possible to participate in the Direct Accountability Program, which allows you to complete a theft prevention course or community service in order to have the charges withdrawn.

Fraud cases can be complex and intricate, often with large amounts of disclosure. At McElroy Law, we have experience with complicated fraud cases and can cut through to the heart of the case. We will listen to your concerns and try to lessen your jeopardy. We have experience consulting with forensic accountants to make sure that we are exploring all angles of the case and understanding your best possible defence.

Often, cases of theft come from circumstances of need or sometimes momentary lapses of judgment, but can have lasting consequences. As your lawyer, we will work to understand what happened in your case and fight to make sure that you get a good outcome.

Call McElroy Law For A Consultation

Your theft or fraud charges will not go away. You need a knowledgeable criminal lawyer to defend your case zealously. Call us at 613-702-3328 or complete the online contact form. We offer our legal services in French as well.