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We can negotiate and fight to reduce your fine or demerit points.

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Ontario Provincial Offences Lawyer In Ottawa

Provincial offences are noncriminal offences that are regulated independently by each province in Canada. At McElroy Law, we have the experience and the knowledge to assist you in finding an effective resolution to these violations. We have competently served the communities of Ottawa, Pembroke, Perth, Renfrew, Cornwall and L’Orignal in Ontario.

Here are some examples of provincial matters we can help you with:

  • Highway Traffic Act violations are matters dealing with traffic tickets and more.
  • The Trespass to Property Act deals with matters of illegal entry into private or public domain/property.
  • The Liquor License Act deals with violations such as selling alcohol without license or selling to minors.
  • And there are other regulatory matters such as building code violations etc.

Challenge Your Traffic Tickets

The Highway Traffic Act includes violations such as driving without using a seat belt, speeding, driving while license suspended, careless driving, driving without insurance, failing to surrender or possession of false or expired car insurance. Such violations may have serious financial impacts such as fines and demerit points, leading to higher insurance premiums and in some cases license suspensions.

We have the experience in resolving these matters for our clients. Depending upon the charge and past record, we can have these charges withdrawn or have them reduced to lesser charges. Our clients have benefited greatly because of our thorough preparation. These matters involve fewer steps and less negotiation with the Crown, but may still have a serious impact on your day-to-day life.

Provincial Offences-Related Queries Answered

We can assist in any provincial offences-related matter. Contact our office for an appointment with our lawyer to discuss your case. You can reach us by calling us at 613-702-3328 or by completing the online contact form provided below.